BW 5151R + 1

5” Smart Baby Monitor Dual Mode with Remote Viewing with 2 FULL HD 1080P Pan & Tilt Camera


From the range of GOLD award winning baby monitors, introducing the latest digital baby monitor, BW5151R + 1. This Smart Baby Monitor is a must for any family and baby nursery as it delivers a dual mode solution allowing you to view your baby on the included 5” Monitor or through your smartphone.
Uniden’s new smart baby monitor is designed to monitor the safety of your baby or kids playing. Exceptionally user-friendly and high quality digital encrypted monitoring system, the BW5151R + 1 lets you manoeuvre and take control of the whereabouts of your child! With 2 Cameras included you can ensure you have eyes on your baby in all surroundings.

The Uniden Baby Watch® Pro app helps to assist the safety of your child while you’re away from home. This system comes with a 5″ Colour Monitor so that you can see and hear your child, even in darkness, with the camera’s special Night Vision feature. Night Vision gives excellent monitoring visibility without the need for the room light being turned on. The system can view 2 cameras.

With the Zoom, Pan & Tilt functionality, users can wirelessly control their view using Uniden’s remote view app. The remote app is great for family travelling like grandparents who want to see how their grandchildren are or a travelling parent wanting to see how the family is going from the other side of the world. The BW5151R + 1 also comes with Temperature and Humidity Display with Alerts ensuring the room environment is optimised for your baby.

The Pan and Tilt Camera is Full HD (1080P) and captures all the details of your baby and can zoom up to 6 times to capture all the detail you need when monitoring your baby. The BW5151R has the ability to record important events in both video and photos with a function allowing you to record on a micro SD card (not included).

The BW5151R + 1 comes equipped with a selection of 14 Lullabies including white noise to play to your baby to soothe them to sleep. With a 2-Way Talk “Walkie Talkie” Function this smart baby monitor allows you to speak through the monitor to the camera where the baby is located to calm them remotely from the next room.

* Please note Baby Watch Smartphone App is only accessible by using the password that comes with the baby monitor. Users are automatically prompted to change this default password when they first login to the App. Ensure you use a unique and detailed password with variation of upper and lower case characters.

# Any movements of the camera independent of those made via the App may be a sign the camera is recalibrating. When the PTZ Camera tends to recalibrate occasionally and when it does this the camera can move from left to right, up and down etc.

  • Dual Mode Smart Baby Monitor
  • FULL HD 1080P Camera
  • 5” Colour Screen Monitor (720P)
  • Pan & Tilt Camera with up to 355 Degree Pan and 60 Degree Tilt
  • Baby Camera has up to 4 X Local Digital Zoom Via the Monitor and up to 6 X Remote Digital Zoom
  • Dual Mode: Watch your Baby from the 5” Monitor Included or Remotely through your Smartphone
  • Room Temperature Display and Alerts
  • Room Humidity Display and Alerts
  • Selection of 14 Lullabies Including White Noise
  • 2-Way Walk “Walkie Talkie Function” to Soothe and Calm your Baby Remotely From the Next Bedroom
  • Ability to Record Important Events (Photo and Video) via Micro SD Card (Supports up to 128GB, Not Included)
  • Motion and Sound Detection Alert
  • Night Vision
  • Supports up to 2 Cameras
  • 1 x 5” Colour LCD Video Monitor (720P)
  • 2 x FULL HD 1080P Baby Camera
  • 2 x Bunny Silicon Cover
  • 3 x AC Adaptors
  • 2 x USB Charging Cables
  • 1 x Reset Pin

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