ATS750 Twin

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Elevated Feed and Fibreglass Whip (3.0/6.0 dBi Gain)

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The ATS750 TWIN is a highly flexible and heavy duty whip suitable for 4WD. Engineered and designed for all round use, flat terrain, town and country, the ATS750 TWIN is a rugged and durable antenna to suit your driving needs. Ground independent 6.0/3.0 dBi Gain whip, provides excellent performance and perfect flexibility to tune channels, ideal for your vehicle. A high quality elevated feed and fibreglass whip with black heat shrink, the ATS750 TWIN is a solid choice for heavy usage, engineered for the toughest conditions and off road environments.
  • 477MHz UHF-CB Antenna
  •  Fibreglass Whip on a Elevated Feed with Stainless Steel Spring
  • Ground Independent
  • 6.0 dBi Gain / 3.0 dBi Gain
  • Spring Style: 32-45-32mm Barrel, 5.5mm thread
  • Whip Length: 140mm (3.0 dBi)
    630mm (6.5 dBi)
  • Mounted Height: 441mm (3.0 dBi)
    931mm (6.0 dBi)
  • 4.5m low loss Coax Cable
  • Terminated FME Female Connector and PL259 Adaptor

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